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August 28th, 2010

Milan says...


1. If you think too much about what others might say, believe me babe, you're not getting nowhere.

2. The moment you get haters, believe me babe, you also get fans.

3. And the more haters hate, the more fans love.

4. It's usually the self-deprecating ones who have something big to brag about.

5. Those who are too careful about their image rarely - if at all - have something of essence to be proud of.

6. Those who don't say bad words (e.g. Putangina, Hayop ka, Kiningina, Bwakangina, Puki Ng Ina MO, Leche, Hindot, etc...) die early. Saying bad words relieves stress.

7. Pretend to be hot and you will be hot. Pretend to be gwapo and you will be gwapo. You are everything you pretend to be. If you're too shy to pretend, believe me babe, you're not getting nowhere.

8. I'm hot and gwapo. I'm a hearthrob and you're gonna love me.

9. The louder the mouth, the smaller the dick?! BULLSHIT! I have a loud mouth and I have a big dick. Sa mga parties, madalas yung maiingay and majojoke, yan ang malalaki ang etits. So how do you spot someone with a big dick?

10. Look for someone who doesn't seem to care about what other might say. Syento-porsyento, malaki ang etits nyan.


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May crush na ako ulit.


Peels good fareh.

Works for an ad agency (account director), takes very good photos, former officemate of a college friend, may kitang kitang nunal sa mukha, maputi, rather shy.

Kilala mo na? Paki sabi sa kanya crush sya ni Milan. Please bebe. Haha.

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