September 23rd, 2010

RS 888


1. I'll never let my need for money dictate the kind of life that I should be living. I will be my own boss; I wear the wristwatch, the wristwatch won't wear me -- out.

2. I will be BIG. Not BIG because my name is attached to a BIG company conceptualized and created by another BIG person. I will be BIG because of my own work, my own efforts, my own concepts.

3. I will be BIG and more importantly, RELEVANT. I want my work to speak for itself and to inspire others.

4. I want my works to be as BIG if not BIGGER than me (if that's even possible). I want people to ask, "That's a cool project, who created that?" instead of "What's his name again? Who's he?"

5. I want my projects to have fans who will eventually say "Milan, you inspire me to also follow my passion and to believe that nothing is impossible."

6. All my relatives are baffled with the fact that I actually have money to spend despite the fact that I chose not to go corporate. The Philippine education system is obviously flawed.

7. Kahit na hindi ako sobrang pogi, I was given naman everything I need to close deals and boink anyone I want. I'm 5'8 -- just the right height; Bigger than most Pinays, Papa figure to small boys and Someone to be babied by the bigger ones. Sabi nila, malakas daw ang dating ko. Yes, I have that. The X-Factor: Sex-appeal. Kailangan ko lang i-squint ang eyes ko a bit and slightly pout my lips to call upon it. Works everytime. Whooohoo! Naman!

8. Oh and it also helps that I have a actually have a big d}*k. Obviously.