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October 1st, 2010

to my legions of fans...


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pakilala kayo.who knows, baka magboink pa tayo someday.

-- o kaya baka, ikaw, trip pala kita.

basta. add nyo ko.

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1. May iba ibang klaseng lalake (at babae, for that matter); May relationship-centric - sila yung umiikot ang buhay sa paghahanap ng relationship o sa pagpapantasya dito. Merong work-centric - yung gusto nilang hangaan sila ng mga tao dahil sa ginagawa sila. Merong money-centric - yung pera ang iniisip nilang source ng kaligayahan at stability. Merong pet-centric, self-centric, gym-centric, etc. etc.

I'm money-centric and sex-centric.

2. And as such, I'm one of the tougher guys na mapa-inlove or to please. Not that people care.

3. Actually, these days, rarely - if at all - do I think about romance . The idea of being with someone or going out on dates doesn't appeal to me na. I'm growing more and more impatient of people and habang tumatagal, naiisip kong walang makakaintindi sakin kaya wala naring point to share my thoughts and moreso, myself.

4. Last weekend, I got invited to this house party of sorts. So I went naman dahil nababato na ko sa bahay. It's just odd how the other guests (who apparently know me, kahit hindi ko sila kilala) kept asking me to speak my mind on certain topics like romance, venus raj, money, tech, etc. Eh ayoko. Haha. So what I did, I just laughed it off, leaned back on the sofa and listened to them talk things out at magdebate sa kung ano anong topics. There were some call center peeps so minsan natatawa ako sa mga accent accent nila. Not that it's a bad thing. :)

5. I left early; without really doing or saying anything. Feeling ko, tingin nila KJ ako or nadisappoint sila sakin kasi kilala ang mga Atenista for speaking their minds. haha. Sorry naman. Di na ko nagpunta pa sa kung saan after, I just went home and worked ulit. Haha.

6. So there you go. I'm money-centric.

7. Or maybe, it's just becoming harder and harder to make me want to open up and speak my mind.

8. These days, I just want to dance, play jock and look chill. I don't want to be known for being gentle nor smart na, or artsy nor ambitious. I just want people to say 'Ah he's cool. You should meet him.' when they talk about me.

9. Clearly, I'm malabo.

10. Paminsan-minsan, before sleeping, I would imagine myself talking to the salt of the earth in bed (parang reverie). Pinapakinggan ko daw yung stories and worries nya, while nakayakap sya sa chest ko, resting yung forehead nya on my chin. Then sasabihin ko sa kanya (habang nakapikit ako, with my bed-room voice, fingers playing sa buhok nya),

"Believe me babe, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much money you make or how famous you get. What matters is that you are sincerely - that is, without any need for self-convincing nor reassurance - happy; and that that happiness spills over to the people you love. When you have friends who respect and admire you - not because of the grandeur of your accomplishments or the value of your possessions - but because of the content of your character and the warmth of your spirit, babe, you have nothing to worry about."


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October 1, Fresh Start


Nagising ako kaninang 12:23

Birthday ko (December 23 -- 12/23) . Nice. :)

Fresh start, chong.

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