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October 31st, 2010

RS 13294713265


1. Hey. Happy Halloween! :)
Ito o, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6xdZeVPDMM&feature=related


2. So no show ako sa fashion week. :) Two nights chong. That's how it is.

3. Ever since I decided to just stay single lagi, kumonti narin ang drama sa buhay ko. May mga nameemeet akong interesting peeps lately, but since I don't make an effort to stay in touch, konti rin ang stories na nangyayari. Hindi naman sa nagfeefeeling ako, pero kapag nararamdaman (fine, nagfeefeeling nga) ko na isisingit na nila yung topic about 'US', iniiba ko na ang conversation. It's the best thing to do really since I haven't met someone who really makes my heart jump.

4. I'm thinking about enrolling in Ryan Cayabyab's voice class next year. For fun lang. Nothing serious. I miss singing eh.

So I'll sing and sing there nalang. Tapos, I'll make all other students fall in love with me. Haha.

5. Slightly bitter parin ako. Kung pinaabot lang ako ng Philippine Idol sa semi-finals, dapat may Philippine Idol parin. Sus.

6. I'm growing fatter and fatter by the day na. I think I'm slowly moving past my prime. It's ok narin. I went to the mall malapit dito sa Tondo earlier and madami nang younger hot guys -- some hotter than me. It's almost time for the younger generation to take over. :) I wish the kids all the best.

7. Pero teka. But I'm not giving it to them just like that pala. Nakalow-carbs diet ako ulit. Haha. Sort of.

8. Virgin na ako ulit. Last boink was July pa. O ha! You have to hand it to me! .. teka, tama ba bilang ko? baka may nakalimutan nanaman ako...

9. Last Monday morning, pauwi galing sa paghatid kay mommy sa bus for their retreat, nakita ko ang reflection ko sa stainless steel panel ng jeepney. Naisip ko, "Ang cute ko talaga. No wonder I boink and boink." ahaha.

10. Speaking of Jeepney,may nakatabi ako nun na OK and like us. Kaso di naman nya ako tinitingnan. Napangitan sya siguro sakin.

11. Perhaps Milan, perhaps. If you have enough room in your life for art, you wouldn't be bothered so much by your pimple marks and uneven skintone.

12. Imagine Piolo Pascual telling this to you,
"Hi! I think you're cute and I've read everything about you. If I ask you out, would you be kind enough to say 'yes'?"

Now, imagine me telling you that.

Tangena, mahirap talaga ang hindi pogi. :(

13. I want to experience being really pogi for a day. Like universally pogi -- guys feeling insecure when you pass by, salesladies giggling on the side while you pretend to be too busy choosing the right shirt, receiving hundreds of friend requests on Facebook per day just because you're pogi, seeing your name carved sa wall ng male CR as one of the campus hearthrobs, receiving bootie calls from other hotties and indecent proposals from rich old days, sincerely hoping that you're less pogi so can have some semblance of privacy in your life, being the crush of everyone you have a crush on.

Hayy, I wonder how that feels.

14. Lahat ng gusto ko, ayaw sakin. This only proves that we only crush on people who don't need us in any way.

15. Sometimes iniisip ko, ako nalang kaya ang i-boyfriend ko. Tutal, mukha naman akong OK na boyfriend eh. Fine, di ako pogi at malabong kausap, pero at least hindi ako ipokrito at lalong hindi ako boring. Haha.

Mamaya nga, before sleeping, I'll imagine my other self telling me, "Ako nalang.. Ako nalang ulit..." ala Basha. Haha. Tapos ang isasagot ko sa sarili ko... "Milan, he loved me at my worst. You had me at my best and you chose to break my heart."


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