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November 12th, 2010

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Sya: So Milan, how do you intend to make me crush on you?
Me: No need na.
Sya: O why?
Me: Crush mo na ako eh.
Sya: Haha.
Me: Why do you like me?
Sya: Cus you're irreverent yet relevant.

Santisima. Ang cute. Irreverent.

2. It's so easy naman to make people crush on you -- especially yung models and hotties. Haha. Just be confident, stand straight, look a bit masungit, look cool/kebs, do your thing and try not to look too in need of attention.

3. So I met P|er R0xas of N0k|a N8 fame the other day via a N0k}a event. Nagpapicture kami magkasama -- and needless to say, nagmukha akong undin sa tabi nya. Ayoko nang ipost yung picture, baka apihin nyo pa ko. Haha. I wonder kung meron pa syang big problems sa buhay nya considering how goodlooking he is. I bet he gets to boink any girl na trip nya and land any modeling job na gusto nyang patulan. Hayy, the pogi boys always have it easy.


So tonight I'm gonna imagine the salt of the earth playing that song for me.
Tapos, sasabihin ko sa kanya, "Ang ganda. Ano yang song na yan? Parang narinig ko na yan eh. Pero familiar..." *scratching my chin*
Tapos makikita ko yung mukha nya parang nagsasabing, "WTF is wrong with this guy? I can't believe I'm with him."
Tapos, tatawa ako. And sing slowly with gestures,

"In inches..." while holding my crotch
"In miles...." putting same hand over my eyebrows, as if looking at something so far it can hardly be seen
"In laughter, in strife"
"In five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure
A year in the life?

How about love? Seasons of love." then, kikindatan ko sya and ask him if we could walk his dogs out.

Hahahaha! :)


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