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November 18th, 2010

Philippine tourism

Haha; pilipinas Kay Ganda. Cute parang title ng gradeschool diorama.

Here are my suggestions

1. The Pearl of the Orient
Rizal himself used this phrase to describe the Philippines. Why not reinforce it?

2. The Door to Asia
Considering our geographical location, it makes sense. This campaign will be like a net getting everyone who intend to visit Asia. Like, how can we skip the Philippines when it's the very door to Asia?

3. Feel Philippines!
Hahaha. Sounds cheesy but it might work. :)
We're known for our warmth as a people. And the most memorable travels are those that touch our lives.
the Philippines is not just a place to discover but also a country that invites you to fully experience it.
This is my peg. It's simple yet meaningful. Warm and friendly.
Naiimagine ko na ang campaign materials.
Shet. Ang cute ng tvc into. :)

Feeling the fine sands of boracay between your toes
Feeling that sensual and relaxing massage in a hut in el Nido
The feeling you get when you buy gadgets here at a discounted rate
Feeling the excitement of pinoys whenever pacquiao enters the ring or whenever our beauty queens enter the top 10 in international beauty pageants, haha
The feeling of joining dance rituals up north or of swimming with whale sharks or of spelunking in Cagayan de oro or of seeing mayon volcano or the rice terraces
And feeling the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino people

Philippines, you have to feel it. :)

Get me DOT!!!

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