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February 11th, 2012

like ballads from the 80's and 90's

I miss lj. :-)

The world has changed so much since I last posted here.

I mean, Janice de Belen is back in ABS-CBN. talk about big changes. haha.

anyway, I just dropped by to say I miss the days when would lj and share kalibugan at kamushyhan stories just for the heck of it. now, medyo I cant do that na and its an odd feeling, really. alam nyo naman na makwento ako. but I guess that's life. we all just have to run on.

oh, and if you're wondering, yes I'm single parin. haha,I know, isang dekada na. but you know what, it doesn't bother me as much anymore. maybe because im older now and ive grown to accept the face that unlike other guys, im not really the relationship type. or maybe because i now have a dog. kung anuman ang reason, m thankful that im sort of more relaxed now.

oo, from to time nagtatanong parin ako why im single,wondering if someone will ever fall in love with me just like in the movies. i guess, in that sense, after all this time, im still the same mac u all know. its just that I have better answers to my questions now..

last month, in a product endorser launch event for a telco giant I work with, while we were stuffing our faces with canapes, waiting for the program to start, a friend from the media asked me, "o bakit hindi ka kasama sa new endorsers?"

bluntly, i answered, 'di kasi ako pogi.' which left him borderlne speechless. hehe daw. haha.

how lj, eh?

i miss you all. kung sino ka mang nagbabasa nito, milan loves you. haha. thank you for stickin it out with this account. :-)

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