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A Lookback at Soul


"When Aretha Franklin was anointed Queen of Soul in the late 60's, the word 'Soul' meant more than a music style, more than a person's spirit."

-Susan Sarandon introducing Aretha Franklin in Divas Live '98

Aretha Franklin Handles A New Low

03/02/1998 3:00 AM, Yahoo! Music
Bruce Haring

(3/2/98) - Aretha Franklin really saved the day at the Grammy Awards, agreeing to sing Luciano Pavarotti's aria "Nessun dorma" from Puccini's Turandot after he canceled 45 minutes into the February 25th telecast, or just a half hour before he was to perform with an orchestra.

Amazingly, Franklin--who had performed the aria at a music industry dinner the Monday before the Grammys--managed to sing in Pavarotti's range, a good five keys below what she had previously performed the aria in, because there was no time to change the number's orchestration.

Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich told USA Today that he raced up four flights of stairs to Franklin's Radio City Music Hall dressing room after Pavarotti called in sick with a sore throat.

"There was a five-second pause," Ehrlich says, "and she agreed to sing her second song of the night." Ehrlich quickly got a tape of Pavarotti's rehearsal and his conductor for Franklin to rehearse along with, but according to Ehrlich, Franklin just said, "I've sung along to his record."

Darnit. All hail da Queen!! I Love the Money note at 0:56!
I remember Sir Montet Acoymo talking about this performance in my Vocal Performance class with him at Ateneo (2nd Sem; 2003 -- darnit! antagal na!) -- "[When is opera, not opera?]"

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