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1. Kapag sinabi kong di ko type, di ko talaga type. Nakakabwisit kapag pinipilit ako ng friends ko naaminin na type ko yung isang tao eh obvious naman na hindi. Sus. Ako pa. Bukas na libro na ang buhay ko. What's there left to hide pa? Kapag type ko, sinasabi ko agad. Kapag hindi ko type, either no comment ako or sinasabi ko rin.

Kaasar. Grr.

2. Kung crush kita. I promise you, dati mo pa alam. Kaya please, wag kang umasta na parang trip kita, dahil hindi.

3. The FA is back -- with a vengeance. Putangina. Every day kung magtext. Sobrang kulit. Grabe. And in fairness sakin, never ko pa sya kinita ulit despite the proximity.

4. I will be hot in my 30's. Like Marc Nelson and Piolo Pascual hot. Pangako ko yan. Kahit malamang eh single parin ako by then at walang gana masyado sa romance, gusto ko hot ako.

5. Part of growing up is coming to terms with the fact na hindi laging dapat may romance sa buhay. Right now, wala akong type. Wala rin akong serious crush. It happens. And when it does, chillax lang. I'm OK. I'm single.

6. I keep saying na I want to travel pero wala namang nangyayari. Pero masaya narin ako -- dahil proof ulit ito na I'm a social person (hahaha, parang anlayo ng lipad nun a). Di nga. Kasi hindi ako makapagplano masyado na ako lang ang involved. Parang gusto ng kasama, tapos yung kasama ko ang gagawa ng itinerary. I work best that way, pagdating sa travel-travel. Hindi ako enjoy masyado kapag ako lang mag-isa ang nakakakita ng mga bago at magaganda. I want to share the experience with someone dear.

7. Magkaiba yun. Magkaiba yung sharing something good with a friend and sharing it with a lover. Iba yun.

8. This gadget thing is getting a little out of hand. Parang lahat nalang ng gadget gusto kong angkinin agad-agad. Lord, teach me how to be happy with and thankful for what I have.

9. If being a pro-blogger means that blogging feeds you and your kaprichos, I guess I can say I'm a problogger narin. Fine. Hindi hardcore but that's how it is. Gusto man ng detractors ko o hindi. Nanigas sila.

10. Parang gusto kong sabihin sa maangas kong kakilala minsan, "Ah eh... do I look like someone na maiimpress sa kung ano ka? Chill lang. I know your boss. Personally. Isusumbong kita! Inaagaw mo ang work description nya." Hahahhahahhahahahahahaa!

11. Hahaha.

12. I'm revising the poem:

He'd spent his life trying to live the names
people gave him;
oh the bad and the good equally work.

Just recently he'd been a son-of-a-bitch
and sweetheart in the same day,
and once again knew what antonyms

love and control are, and how terrible
it must be to have a business card -
Manager, Specialist - and believe what it says.

Who, in fact, longed for his most useful name
to enter with him,
when he entered a room, who didn't want to be

such a rockstar? A man who was a 'bida'
and a 'kontrabida'
became more or less every name

he'd ever been called, and when you die, he thought,
that's when it happens,
you're collected forever into a few small words.

But never to have been unpredictably wild or downright awe-inspiring,
no grand mistake
so utterly yours it causes whispers

in the peripheries of your presence - that was
his fear.
"Reckless"; he wouldn't object to such a name

if it came from the right voice with the right
amount of reverence.
Someone nearby, of course, certain to add "fool."

Milan - Poem 1a
based on Stephen Dunn's Named
Tags: essencia

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